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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does LBBF mean?

LBBF is an abbreviation for Little BIG BEAK Farm, Inc.


When does the Goat Yoga class take place?

The exact times are listed on our website. It is recommended that the participants arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to complete the legal formalities. 


What should I wear?

Always expect the unexpected! Goats always follow their instincts and their desires. This includes jumping at any elevation they are offered. So it is quite possible that a goat will jump on your back while you take your positions. This can cause small hoof prints on your skin. We do recommend wearing a T-shirt and/or normal sportswear.


What should I bring with me and/or what should I leave at home?

Please bring your own yoga mat or at least a large towel. We will charge a USD 5.00 service fee for a mat if you do not bring your own.

We also recommend insect repellant and water to drink. Bear in mind that goats are curious animals and they are known to take a liking to your stuff and to nibble on shoe laces, drawstrings, and jewelry. You should leave your hoop earrings at home, as well as any other jewelry that may get tangled with a baby goat. Remember that the baby goats like to jump on backs, therefore we recommend shirts that keep your back and shoulders covered.

How and where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets must be ordered and paid online on our website

Can I buy my ticket at the door?

Tickets must be purchased and paid online in advance. LBBF may allow exceptions to this rule if the number of participants permits it. In such a case the unregistered walk-in participant shall pay USD 35.00 plus tax. An unannounced visit is no guarantee for participation in the Goat Yoga class.

Are children allowed? Is it safe?

Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to attend a goat yoga class, even if they are just there to watch. Please understand that this is about making sure that the class remains a calm, soothing experience for all participants. Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a participating adult. All participants acknowledge the risks of farm/agricultural activities, including agro tourism such as goat yoga, and agree to assist LBBF from any injury or loss and to indemnify and hold harmless LBBF.


Can I bring a guest who has not bought a ticket and only wants to watch?

Only one accompanying person is allowed on the LBBF property. We have a great interest from people who just want to watch or pet our animals. Please understand that the LBBF is not a petting zoo and the participants of the Goat Yoga class want to hold the lesson in a pleasant and quiet atmosphere. 


Is it allowed to take pictures?

Of course you are allowed to take pictures. LBBF also takes pictures and places them on the farm's website and on Facebook. Accompanying persons are not allowed to take pictures for privacy reasons.


Do you only have classes on Saturdays at 09:00am?

During the summer months the regular classes take place every Saturday at 09:00am unless otherwise announced. Starting in October we may offer a second class at 10:30am. However, we can organize private group events for groups of 10 or more on almost any date you wish. Please contact us via for details.


Where should I park?

Please park along the farm entrance and exit. Please do not park on the grass because our animals may get sick or even die due to pollutants caused by gasoline cars.

This is a working farm and some of our animals as well as wild animals are free ranging. Please drive slowly and do not park outside the driveway.


What happens in bad weather?

Unfortunately, we can't affect the weather but thank god we live in Southwest Florida where it is usually pleasant in the mornings. But if it does rain or storm, we will keep you updated on our Facebook page and give you instructions if rescheduling will be needed.


What about cleanliness?

As our former guests and participants will confirm, our goats are very well cared-for and healthy. However, they are farm animals that poop and pee whenever it suits them and somehow it is also part of the charm of Goat Yoga. Should such a mishap really happen, we will help you to clean the yoga mat. But please note that this is a working farm and goat yoga takes place outdoors in a natural environment. Smaller impurities cannot be avoided.


What is the refund policy?

There is no refund in case of postponements or changes of plan caused by the participant. We can also not rebook your ticket to another class after you have registered. Please make sure you choose the correct date before you buy a ticket. Should there be any postponements (weather, illness etc.) on the part of LBBF, the impacted participants will be re-booked by LBBF to another available day for you within a 2 months period.

Can I feed the goats?

Please do not feed our goats and please do not bring any food into the yoga area. All goats have a strict feeding plan and may only be fed with farm produced food. This also applies to all other animals on the farm. If you would like to feed one of our animals just ask us and we will give you the appropriate treats.


Can I make a donation to Little BIG BEAK Farm, Inc.?

We are very happy to accept donations. As you probably know, it takes a lot of effort to keep animals species-appropriate, clean and happy.

You can also adopt a goat for a year or more for a set amount. We will gladly explain to you in person how a goat adoption will affect your life in a positive manner.

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